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First Minister Arlene Foster (DUP) with party colleague Lord Maurice Morrow celebrate their victory in Fermanagh South Tyrone as part of The Northern Ireland Assembly Election 2016 at Omagh Leisure Centre.Arlene Foster is the DUP Assembly representative for the people of Fermanagh and South Tyrone. She is supported by 8 Councillors who work between Fermanagh & Omagh District Council and Mid Ulster Council.

The DUP operates a second to none service for the people of Fermanagh and South Tyrone. The constituency is served by a full time office in Enniskillen that promises to maintain an unrivaled service for the entire constituency.



Safety in our own home is a freedom we all should enjoy in 2017. Arlene will continue to work with the PSNI to ensure that the safety concerns of her constituents are dealt with immediately. Rural crime and attacks on the elderly have inflicted huge grief on families in recent years. Arlene is aware of these challenges and is committed to working with the Department of Justice to ensure that tougher sentences are placed on criminals. Housing development and accessibility to health care and education are key components of a happy and prosperous family living in Fermanagh & South Tyrone. Arlene dedicates herself to ensuring that simple basic necessities are available for each of their constituents. Each person living in Fermanagh & South Tyrone can feel valued through the vision that Arlene has for this area.



Driven by compassion for victims, and fortified by his faith, former MLA Maurice Morrow was determined to bring forward legislation against the depraved crime of human trafficking and exploitation. In a ground breaking move he succeeded in leading a major change in law – the first of it’s kind in the UK. The new legislation will place victims at its heart and will ensure that tougher sanctions are placed on those convicted of this horrendous crime. There is no doubt that through the implementation of this Act, other countries from around the world will be able to use this legislation as a model to deal with the crime in their own country. Victims of modern day slavery have been let down by Government’s across the globe, but thanks to the dedication of Maurice, Northern Ireland has taken the historic step to tackle this crime head on.


The platform to develop a strong local economy is a world class communications network. We are all becoming increasingly reliant on broadband coverage for social media, employment and academical study. Arlene will work to provide business, public service facilities and families with a faster and more reliable service. A safe and advancing roads infrastructure is the back bone of attracting investment and tourism into Fermanagh & South Tyrone. Arlene recognises the concerns of local road users and she will strive to ensure resources are prioritised to improve the main arterial routes. Arlene has played an integral role in the progress of the Enniskillen by-pass and she continues to push for further road projects throughout the Fermanagh and South Tyrone area. There is more to be done, and the strong DUP team will ensure that roads, broadband and general communications are a key priority as we go forward.


Farming across the UK has suffered huge challenges in recent months. These burdens have been particularly felt by farmers here in Fermanagh& South Tyrone. The DUP have listened to these concerns and recognise the work that needs to be done in Government. The food and drink sector in Northern Ireland is worth in the region of £3 billion per annum to the economy and it can play a key role in assisting the Province on the road to recovery. Maurice and Arlene will continue to work on a strategic vision for the industry that addresses the core concerns that farmers have. The people of Fermanagh & South Tyrone rely on the rural community and it is vital we work together to protect those dedicated to the industry. The DUP will provide farmers with a strong voice in Government as we seek to negotiate a better working environment for the agri-foods industry.