Arlene and Maurice2Arlene is one of two DUP MLAs who are proud to have been once again selected to serve the people of Fermanagh and South Tyrone in the Stormont Assembly.

Since the restoration of devolution in 2007, Arlene and her  colleague Maurice Morrow along with other party colleagues from the DUP have been working hard in the Assembly to improve our area, make peoples’ lives better and keep Fermanagh & South Tyrone moving forward.

As a result real improvements have been secured at Stormont for Fermanagh & South Tyrone including:

  • The completion of the new A4 dual carriageway between Dungannon and Ballygawley.
  • 3119 Jobs created or sustained in the constituency since 2007.
  • The completion of a number of workspace developments throughout the constituency

Your DUP representatives not only provide you with a second to none constituency service  in Enniskillen and Dungannon but also offer superior representation at Stormont. The DUP has a better record of representing you at the Assembly than any other party in Fermanagh & South Tyrone.

Arlene and Maurice have held significant roles as MLAs: Maurice as Chair of the Justice Committee where he has an attendance rate of 100% and Arlene as Minister for the Environment (2007/08) and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

Whilst things are slowly but surely getting better in Fermanagh & South Tyrone, we know that there is much more work still to be done. The DUP will do all we can in the Assembly to argue our area’s case and help keep Fermanagh & South Tyrone moving forward.

We will continue to:

  • Encourage economic investment in our area, through the development of our own local companies, the maximisation of Fermanagh & South Tyrone’s huge tourism potential and support for our farming and agri-food industries.
  • Fight for further investment in facilities in or serving Fermanagh & South Tyrone such as the new South West Hospital in Enniskillen, the school estates across the constituency a new southern by-pass in Enniskillen and a distributer road in Dungannon
  • Continue to work with Police and other agencies to deliver a safer Fermanagh & South Tyrone
  • Strive to renew our towns and villages through the maximum drawdown of European funds for the area.

A First-Class Constituency Service
The DUP operates a second to none service for the people of Fermanagh and South Tyrone. The constituency is served by two full time offices in Enniskillen and Dungannon. We promise to maintain an unrivalled service for the entire constituency.

Securing Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Maurice and Arlene have a proven record on law and order issues and are advocates for a strong effective Law and Order policy. Maurice is currently the chairman of the Justice Committee at Stormont and is recognised as a very effective advocate on the issues involved from policing through to more effective sentencing for law breakers. As Chairman of the Justice Committee Maurice continually upheld the defence of victims of crime and demonstrated total commitment with a 100% Committee attendance, indeed since the devolution of Justice in April 2010 Maurice has tabled over 160 questions to the Minister of Justice on a wide range of issues.

Boosting Tourism
We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Sometimes we take for granted the beauty that surrounds us but this great asset can be used in a very effective way for all our people. This is why Maurice and Arlene believe that Tourism is a key driver for the economy here in Fermanagh and South Tyrone. Thanks to a Tourism Minister who cares about the whole of Northern Ireland as a destination, Fermanagh is now designated as one of 9 tourism areas in Northern Ireland and great opportunities have opened up such as the tourism interactive guides recently launched.

Promoting Agriculture and the Agri-Food Sector
The South Tyrone and Fermanagh areas are very strong in the agri-food industry. Maurice and Arlene believe that this sector has great potential to grow through innovation and research and Development. To grow however the sector also needs a vibrant agricultural base. Arlene and Maurice will work with farmers and the wider industry to cut down on red tape. Whilst Arlene was Environment Minister she worked successfully with the Ulster Farmers Union to cut out such unnecessary regulation. She has also proactively supported the Industry through help from her Department and Invest NI.

Supporting the Security Services
The DUP have been successful in delivering a well deserved gratuity package for the part-time police Reserve, who by their gallant service played a vital part in defending Ulster against terrorism.