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Making life simpler by improving business regulation is key

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

This was the message from Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Arlene Foster at the launch of the Review of Business Red Tape.

Welcoming the report, ‘Making Life Simpler: Improving Business Regulation in Northern Ireland’, the Minister said: “Red tape or unnecessary administrative requirements can prove to be a real burden for businesses. The Northern Ireland Economic Strategy recognises that to secure our vision for the economy it is vital to grow the private sector and make it easier to do business here.

“I believe an indication of our commitment to reform is shown in that Northern Ireland is the first in the UK to undertake such a comprehensive review. The Review of Business Red Tape will provide the Executive, with an opportunity to ease the burden on businesses by devising a regulatory reform agenda and removing unnecessary burdens to deliver a more efficient and effective service.”

The review was guided by an independent Advisory Panel and informed by engagement with regulators, departments and businesses across many sectors

Thanking the Advisory Panel for their commitment and vision the Minister said: “We are working in challenging times and need to reform our public services. Continuing to improve our economic competitiveness can only be achieved by working in partnership with the business community. This Review provides a helpful and focused contribution to regulatory reform, which will play a real part in the Executives public sector reform agenda.”

Transcript proves Adams’ swearing was about the DUP

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

DUP Fermanagh & South Tyrone MLA Arlene Foster has said the Impartial Reporter’s transcript proves that Gerry Adams’ use of the word “b*****d” was in direct response to a question about the DUP.

Gerry Adams was asked:

I am just wondering what the leadership’s spiel on it is – where the DUP are at the minute or what they are playing at?”

Gerry Adams answered by stating:

“The point is to actually break these b*****ds – that’s the point. And what’s going to break them is equality. . . . that’s the Trojan Horse of the entire republican strategy.”

Commenting Mrs. Foster said,

“I’m glad the Impartial Reporter has a recording of Gerry Adams’ mask slipping moment. If it hadn’t Gerry Adams probably wouldn’t even remember being in Enniskillen on Monday evening as SF’s revisionism strategy has been in overdrive. In 12 hours we’ve had several different SF versions of what was ‘actually’ said.

Adams’ words were not about breaking attitudes but rather about breaking people. He was responding to a question about the DUP. I’m glad that the DUP is disrupting Sinn Fein’s strategy to the extent that Adams is frustrated. Only a decade ago Sinn Fein was running rings around unionists and was getting everything on its wish-list. The people elected the DUP to stand up for them and for Northern Ireland. It is a testament of DUP tough negotiating that Gerry is drove to swearing about the DUP.

A Trojan Horse is a weapon dressed up as a gift. Adams can claim ignorance but everyone will see his comment for what it is. Thirty years of republican terrorism did not break unionism. We will not be broken now by SF’s warped view of equality.

It is Gerry Adams however who is broken. He jokes about the serious allegations of republican sexual abuse. He says he was never in the PIRA. He famously said opposition to parades was ‘no accident’ and took years of planning. He told republicans he would ‘put manners’ on the police. It is hardly surprising that Gerry Adams view of equality is similarly warped.

I want to build a genuinely united community where everyone’s culture is respected and not used a weapon against ‘the other side’. I want a society where my culture is respected rather than being attacked by republicans. Gerry Adams’ is not interested in building a united community, but in ‘breaking’ those who are standing in SF’s way.”